Showroom Living Spaces

We have a number of living spaces in our showroom. Our designers are here to show you the very best options for you. We are available to walk you through the process from individual pieces colour schemes and materials to our design service which covers the complete room. Our main suppliers include Moradillo Sofas, Aleal Furniture, Ditre Italia and Bontempi. Our bespoke furniture is perfect for any style of home, if you are looking for a whole design package or simply some advice contact a member of our team and we will be more than happy to assist you in this journey.

Our Brands

Moradillo Sofas

Moradillo started out in 1972 in Spain. The company opened as a small workshop that quickly gained popularity among national manufacturers for its ability to customize products, their quality, and their designs. They value the importance of authentic sofas, this is why Moradillo is one of our key suppliers.

Ditre Italia

We take pride in the choices we make throughout all of our work, and this doesn’t go a miss when it comes to our suppliers. We endeavor to keep timeless elegance throughout. Ditre Italia has also introduced a sustainable development process within their company. The green perspective also extends to the new eco-friendly fabrics, part of Ditre Italia proposal, which contains yarns regenerated from waste materials, such as used clothing, plastic bottles, fishing nets, etc.

Aleal Furniture

Aleal is an internationally renowned brand of luxury home furnishings recognized for its original, unique designs and impeccable quality. As another one of our main suppliers for furnishings across your home, their wide range of products is produced with the best quality materials at our factory in the north of Portugal. The style of design works perfectly alongside our unique bespoke furniture.


Bontempi produces excellent quality, functional products, all with utmost attention to detail in line with the latest trends, satisfying design and comfort needs. The brand searches for perfect solutions and styles, offering living and bedroom solutions at very competitive prices. This supplier offers high-quality luxurious pieces for all homes.